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Zagat Releases Paris Restaurants Guide

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  • Zagat Releases Paris Restaurants Guide

    Winners: Taillevent (Food, Service), Cristal Room (Decor) and Atelier de Joël Robuchon (Popularity)
    PARIS, May 22, 2012 – This morning Zagat released its 2012/13 Paris Restaurants Guide, in French and English editions, covering 714 eateries in the Paris area. The results are based on the shared input of 8,015 avid diners, curated by Zagat’s editors.
    Report Card: According to the Survey, Parisians eat out 3 times per week, which is more than diners in London (2.4), but trailing those in Tokyo (4.0). When asked about their dining out habits, 21% of surveyors report dining out less than last year, vs. 17% who say more. As for the cost of dining, Paris continues to be one of the world’s most expensive cities with the average meal costing 61.64€. That is more than London at 51.89€ and nearly double New York City at 32.76€. Of the many cities surveyed by Zagat, only Tokyo at 83.54€ is more expensive than Paris.
    Winners: This year’s top tickets include Chef Alain Solivérès’ “sublime” haute cuisine at Taillevent (winner for Food and Service), Atelier de Joël Robuchon, which was named Most Popular by surveyors, and the “striking” scene at Cristal Room (decor winner). The full list of winners follow:
    1) Taillevent
    2) Pierre Gagnaire
    3) Guy Savoy
    4) Grand Véfour
    5) Le Cinq
    1) Cristal Room
    2) Le Cinq
    3) Grand Véfour
    4) Taillevent
    5) Le Meurice
    1) Taillevent
    2) Epicure
    3) Le Meurice
    4) Le Cinq
    5) Ambassadeurs
    1) Atelier Joël Robuchon
    2) Taillevent
    3) Guy Savoy
    4) Jules Verne
    5) Alain Ducasse
    1) Septime
    2) Agape Substance
    3) Auberge du 15
    4) Abeille
    5) Akrame
    Best Buy
    1) As du Fallafel
    2) Higuma
    3) Chartier
    4) Al Taglio
    5) Baron Rouge
    Bistro (Traditional)
    1) Quincy
    2) Chez L’Ami Jean
    3) Violon d’Ingres
    4) Petit Pontoise
    5) Régalade
    1) Comptoir/Relais
    2) Relais Plaza
    3) Dressirier
    4) Chez Les Anges
    5) Pétrus
    Hot Spots: Besides this year’s top newcomer, Septime, a modest bistro in the 11th, crowds are also flocking to Saint-Germain’s Agapé Substance to sample New French tapas, the high-end Cantonese Shang Palace, the Left Bank’s L’Affable and hipster bistro Chatomat. Romain Tischenko, winner of the Franco-Belgian Top Chef, has opened Le Galopin, a bistro in the 2nd.
    Uncorked: Across the city, wine bars are popping up, with standouts including Au Passage and Le Dauphin in the 11th arrondissement as well as Albion and Vivant, which are creating a hopping scene in the 10th. Over in the 5th, Dans les Landes presents a ham-heavy menu of Southwestern tapas to accompany its wine bar and bistro atmosphere.
    Mobile Phones: This year, 27% of surveyors admit to having a restaurant-related application on their smartphone, but 52% consider it “rude and inappropriate” for diners to talk, text, email or tweet at the table. In contrast, 83% say it’s acceptable for diners to photograph their food or dining companions.
    Miscellaneous: When asked about what irritates the most when dining out, an overwhelming 76% cited Service, with Noise a distant second at 17%. Diners split over celebrity chefs, with 48% saying they are more likely to dine at a restaurant with a famous chef, while 49% say it has no effect.
    Survey Details: The 2012/13 Paris Restaurants Survey ($15.95) was edited by Josh Rogers and Alexander Lobrano, with local coordination by Mary Deschamps. The content is available for purchase online at and at major Paris bookstores. For news and updates, follow @Zagat on Twitter and add Zagat to your circles on Google+.
    About Zagat Survey, LLC:
    Known as the "burgundy bible," Zagat Survey is the world's most trusted source for consumer-generated survey information. With a worldwide network of surveyors, Zagat rates and reviews restaurants, hotels, nightlife, movies, music, golf, shopping and a range of other entertainment categories and is lauded as the "most up-to-date," "comprehensive" and "reliable" guide, published on all platforms. Zagat content is available to consumers wherever and whenever they need it: on, on Zagat’s mobile applications and in book form. In September 2011, Zagat was acquired by Google Inc.
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    Wednesday, August 15, 2012

    Art Paris Art Fair 2013

      In the wake of a successful 2012, ART PARIS ART FAIR is pleased to announce that its 2013 edition will be held from 28th to 31st March at the Grand Palais. The fair will continue to explore the East European art scenes, with a special focus on Russia. In an effort to reach out to American galleries who are linked to Europe, the fair has invited Bernard Zürcher who has galleries in both Paris and New York, to join ART PARIS ART FAIR’s selection committee ART PARIS ART FAIR wishes to thank its partners
    AFP, Crédit Suisse, Diptyque, Efficio Group, Fedrigoni, Ideat Magazine, Les Echos Série limitée, Paris Première, RATP, Réunion des Musées Nationaux Grand Palais, Ruinart, T Systems Télérama, The Good Life.

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    Cité de la Mode et du Design

    As part of Paris' grand project of revitalizing the docks of the Seine, La Cité de la Mode et du Design, an incredible new space devoted to fashion, culture and design, opened April 13, 2012. Aiming to promote global creativity, the unique contemporary space houses restaurants, cafes, designer boutiques, event space for cultural events, a concert venue, nightclub, and the Institut Français de la Mode fashion and management school. Situated directly on the banks of the Seine between the Gare d'Austerlitz and BNF, this former warehouse space has undergone a bold architectural transformation by French and New Zealand architects Dominique Jakob and Brendan Macfarlane, responsible for the trendy Georges restaurant at the Centre Pompidou.
    New foodie destinations in the grand cultural space include Le Baron, the first rooftop nightclub in Paris, Cafe Praline, an Italian tea salon where coffee and hot chocolate are made with antique machines, and Moon Roof, a rooftop space that acts as a modern bistro, lounge, and venue for stand-up shows and live music.

    Beginning April 13 is an exhibition showcasing famous designer Cristóbal Balenciaga’s heritage, life story and fashion, called “Cristóbal Balenciago, Collectionneur de Modes” running through October 2012. The exhibit, hosted by the Musée Galliera, which is currently closed for construction, showcases over 70 costumes and clothing items, plus 40 coats and dresses, all created between 1937 and 1968. Photographs, accessories and sketches by the designer are also on display.

    An upcoming hotspot in the Cité de la Mode et du Design is Wanderlust cultural space, set to open May 30 by Savoir Faire Group, who are behind the popular clubs Social Club and David Lynch’s exclusive Silencio. This unique space will house an 80-seat open-air cinema, a nightclub, an outdoor bar, terrace (the largest in Paris), an indoor and outdoor restaurant run by Benjamin Darnaud, performances and exhibitions. The space aims to combine art and fashion with entertainment, music, cinema and cuisine. Set to be open in the summer from Wednesday to Sunday from 12pm to 6am, this new destination will host weekly electronic concerts, weekend yoga classes followed by brunch, flea markets and more.

    See the Cite de La Mode et du design illustrated through video:

    Press Contacts:


    Coralie Gauthier
    Tel: +33(0)6 01 33 09 63
    32 Quai d’Austerlitz 75013 Paris 

    Shopping by Paris: book your Paris shopping

    For its 6th edition, it is out with Soldes by Paris and in with Shopping by Paris! Christmas shopping
    sets the tone for this event which takes off on 1 December 2011 and extends beyond the Sales to
    the end of February. Visitors and Parisians will have more than two months to take advantage of
    reductions and special offers put together by Paris tourism professionals led by
    the Paris
    Convention and Visitors Bureau
    . Visitors will therefore be able to treat themselves to the best of
    the French capital and find many bargains, which is always satisfying!
    More than 174 partner hotels, a network of Bed & Breakfasts and furnished rentals have made
    real efforts to offer reductions of up to 60%. The mythical Flo brasseries are offering a 10%
    reduction on meals plus a complimentary aperitif. Cruise companies on the Seine and Parisian
    canals are also playing their part whilst the famous Paris Lido cabaret is offering a reduction of
    20% on certain shows.
    Other partners are packaging Paris differently: gourmet walks with ‘Meeting The French’, unusual
    Paris with ‘Paris par Rues Méconnues’ or
    1 Paris 2 Rêve, en deudeuch with ‘4 Roues Sous Un
    Parapluie’ and ‘Paris Authentic’, behind-the-scenes visits of the most famous monuments with
    ‘Cultival’, and table d’hôtes dinners with ‘Voulez-Vous Dîner ?’. Plus, a number of personal
    shoppers will help visitors to discover their style and have trimmed their prices. On the cultural
    scene, the Paris Museum Pass – a passport to more than 60 tourist sites and museums in Paris
    and the Paris region – is offering a reduction of €8 on the purchase of two tickets, from 11 to 18
    January 2012.
    All the pleasures of shopping can be found on, the Bureau’s
    bilingual French-English website entirely devoted to shopping. It presents a huge panorama: good
    deals from Parisian professionals, trendy districts and shops for shopping à la carte, cultural or
    gourmet Parisian breaks, etc. Not forgetting, the 6 handmade shopping itineraries (2012 version
    already online): Select, Trendy, Creative, Bobo Chic, Ethic Ethnic and Savvy, available from January,
    in the Paris
    Shopping Book, browsable online and available to download on,
    and free at the Bureau’s information centres. On presentation of this guide, 5 boutiques from the
    Espace Créateurs at the Forum des Halles will offer discounts of 20% along with personalized
    coaching sessions, from 9 to 15 January 2012,.
    Organized by the
    Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau, supported by the Paris City Council, the CCIPParis
    and Atout France, Shopping by Paris seeks to increase the attractiveness of Paris, Shopping and
    Fashion Capital, to French and international visitors at a more off-peak time of year for tourists.

    French Revolutionary Fashions

    The portrait is of Madamme Emile Sereziat, who was his sister in law and he painted it 1795. Louvre Museum in Paris, France.

    Wednesday, August 8, 2012

    Darkness blankets the ancient and cultural historic majestic city below, the whole of ones eyes then sees this City of Lights and reflects on its great name, Paris, France. Flush with excitment, heart ponding with anticipation, magnificent towers, dignified monuments and artistic etched bridges are now seen through out the city's urban landscape by the glow of rustic nineteen century and the cascading multi spectra street lamps as ones eyes starts to focus on this city of cultural liberated energies. Unfolding in the early eve beneath the star lighted skies above are the sidewalk-cafes, their windows relfecting the very moods of the cities diverse traditions. Ones see unfolding boulevards strecthed out in every direction of the compass with the shinning hues of neon signs flooding the avenues and boulevards of shops, theaters, cabarets, clubs, and several magnificent hotels' grandeur. The Parisians, themselves, at times seemingly rude, are full of prideful efforts to show off their real endeavors which is part of their night life - nightlife - social cultural environment as world wide vistors are ' just ' then prepared to enter into all their preparation, its time for real fun. Once one starts in the evenings of adventure one desires to stop by a cafe to make first contact with a waiter - waitress, settling down for a drink of wine and then picks up a menu to make for a glorious choice of their dinner's ensemble of crafted delights. Then when the check is paid and tips disbursed then its off to the theatre, or dance clubs where romance is the life energy of this city's mainstrom. Its really no secret when someone says the word " Paris " one of the immediate images which comes to mind world wide all lovely and most beautiful models and the awsome fashions in which they are modeling. The fashions news about Paris is both the Worlds, and Parisians daily sip of fine wine as denoted in this Paris Fashions and Trendsetters News sampler WebSite. Moreover, and this inclusion into this is the main focus website Paris NightLife Entertainment Fashions Guides is due to the fact alot of these sponsored fashions shows, great and handsome looking models in which to exhibit the artistic nature of the Parisian community to design for the night out in which one is be seen - which happens mostly during the evenings. Here are the various districts of nightlife: - The Bastille Blog WebSite Under Contruction - Champs Elysees - Latin Quarter - Montparnasse - Place de Clichy/Pigalle - Du Paris Opera This is indeed are Paris nightlifes' thoughtful introductions. So lift up your spirit for your very soul is about to be refresh in the real meaning of enjoying one's own life especailly if you have some with you in this enchanted City of Lights and nightlife extraordinaire

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    Paris NightLife International Blog iz the cultural news source and collections of essays which depicts Paris, France as the Cultural Center of Europe. Something in which Rome, Berlin, and Moscow will always debate. The insight into the very fabric of Parisian society's image surround every aspects of all the arts, fashions, theatre, dance, and the cities nightlife exposes a real world of human discovery and at times a touch of a small revolution or two.